Product Categories
Product Categories
Whatever your equipment on board, old or young, the interface is able to communicate all given information by the LCJ CAPTEURS sensor to your equipment navigator.
CV7SF2 is the ultrasonic wireless wind vane/anemometer. It is well suited to motor boats, small sail boats, club-houses, weather stations, sports grounds, golf courses, marinas…
Static angle sensor for rotating mast and ultrasonic wind sensor Ideal complement to the RM option.
NEW ! Plug and Play ultrasonic wid sensor interface for NMEA 2000 systems.
BaroPlug is a plug and play barometer for NMEA2000 instruments systems.
2013 CV7SF-USB
Wireless Ultrasonic Wind Sensor with USB Interface. This sensor is powered by its own solar panel and the receiver is powered by the USB port where it is plug to transmit the wind data to the PC.