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Whatever your equipment on board, old or young, the interface is able to communicate all given information by the LCJ CAPTEURS sensor to your equipment Navigator.
  • Wind speed 
  • Wind Direction
The offset is a convenient location in the interface or on board indicator.
Please find enclosed an overview table:

Tableau compatibilité2


Technical features of the interface:

- Octocoupled NEMA0183 input
- NMEA0183 ouput
- Anemometer output: impulsion with open connectors
- Weather vane : sinus / cosinus or three phase
- Consumption : 9 to 16 V DC

- According to the type and the brand of the screen, the adjustment will be different. You have to follow the user manual to do the setting. You just have to active or not some buttons.
- To offset the heading linde, press the B+ or B-.

Please find enclosed below the models which are suitable with our interface:

- DATALINE (Dataline, X, Navigator, IS11)

- AUTOHELM (Autohelm ST50)

- RAYMARINE (Raymarine ST60, Raymarine ST60+)


- B&G (Hornet IV, Network, Hercule, Hydra, H1000, H2000, H3000, H5000)

CV7-STBG recommended retail price:
615 Euros ex VAT.
738 Euros with VAT

Where to buy:
Ask for the LCJ Capteurs product of your choice at your local chandlery.
Several distributors carry stock of our products:
UK: Mantsbrite,
Germany: ELNA,
Finland: ESCO,
Island: Velasalan ehf.,,
France: Big-Ship, Furuno-France, Pochon S.A., Robin-Marine

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