How does it work?

How the equipment works? Principle of operation:

The sound, the ultrasonic sound is conveyed by the movement of the fluid in which it crosses. The electroaccoustic transducers communicate between themselves two by two by ultrasonic signals to determine, following the orthogonal axes, the wave transit time differences induced by the air flow.

The measurements are combined in an integrated calculator in order to establish the wind module and its direction in relation to a reference axis. The temperature measurements are used for calibration corrections.

CV7 Transducers communicate between themselves delivering four independent measures while head wind measured vectors are preferably used for calculations.

This method gives a sensibility of 0.12 m/s (0.25 knots), a dynamic of 40 m/s (80 knots) and an excellent linearity.

The effect of an inclination of the wind sensor is partially corrected due to the shape given by the space.



CV7SF-USB: Wireless Ultrasonic Wind Sensor for USB interface: The plug and play Ultrasonic Wind Sensor!