The company

LCJ Capteurs designs and manufacture sonic wind sensors since 1999.

Our wind vanes and anemometers are well adapted to many applications including recreation and professional use in fields such as leisure marine, heavy marine, mobiles on land, smart buildings, wind farms, sound measurement, environment, agriculture, etc…L'entreprise LCJ Capteurs

LCJ Capteurs premises, located in Vertou, France (Loire Atlantique)

A human and technological  adventure

We started in 1999 when Mr Lamiraux, famous in the marine trade for his long career in radio-positioning systems at MLR Electronique, founded LCJ Capteurs with the aim to lead the way with high precision wind sensors.

Our products fit a wide range of needs for various applications at sea or on land, for end-users as well as professionals. Our mission is to offer the best ultrasonic wind sensors, compact, light, inconspicuous and low energy with environment friendly manufacturing, high standards, unbeatable lead times and reasonable prices.

An innovative company

LCJ Capteurs is located in Vertou, in the heart of the dynamic French region « Loire_Atlantique » where we are now manufacturing 5th generation sonic sensors. There are already 6 500 of our sonic sensors giving satisfaction to users all around the world.
The OSEO agency has actively supported LCJ Capteurs in our innovative research and development.

LCJ Capteurs offers wind measurement equipment which is robust, reliable, and accurate and which interfaces with many devices. As a design office and manufacturer, LCJ Capteurs is able to create unique systems matching any specification.

Local manufacturing

From the design office to the final product, all aspects are carried out in France in a 50 km radius from the office in Vertou.

atelier LCJ Capteur

Assembly table, quality check and laboratory oven in our Vertou office.

Finding our office?

LCJ Capteurs

Z.A. Le Chêne Ferré

44120 VERTOU – France

Tel: +33 (0)2 40 05 08 55