The security with LCJ CAPTEURS

April 3, 2018 | posted in: Marine_Using, Meteo_Using, News, Scope | by

NEWS of LCJ CAPTEURS Either on the ground or on the sea, the security aspect is essential. We are glad to see that our French know how helps this important field.   PROCAR DEMAS In order to protect the population against the potential pollution, the firemen from Bouches-du-Rhône (South East cost) equiped their trucks with ultrasonic wind sensors.They..

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January 9, 2018 | posted in: Aero_Using, Marine_Using, Meteo_Using, News, Scope | by

We wanted to say thank you for your trust.  Best wishes for 2018 !

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Feelings of the SONIC-ANEMO-DZP by Darko Bradassi

March 27, 2017 | posted in: Meteo_Using, Scope | by

The first impression of the SONIC ANEMO DZP is very good. It’s more accurate, sensitive and responsive, as shown in the graphs, than the ever valid Davis cup anemometer. But as you probably know, sonic anemometers are another story. The first graph shows the data of one normal episode of the wind bora, nearby the..

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RainWise Exclusive North American Distributor for LCJ Capteurs Land-based Ultrasonic Wind Sensors.

April 17, 2015 | posted in: Meteo_Using, News, Scope | by

RainWise Inc. and LCJ Capteurs announced that they have entered into a distribution agreement to serve and support North America, effective March 1, 2015. RainWise, known for the manufacture of precision weather instruments, is pleased to add the top quality LCJ products to their offerings.  Providers of premium weather equipment for over 40 years, RainWise..

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LCJ Capteurs launches SONIC-SDI at MTW Expo 2014

October 9, 2014 | posted in: Meteo_Using, News, Scope | by 1 Comment

LCJ Capteurs first time to exhibit at Meteorological Technology World Show. LCJ Capteurs will show ultrasonic wind sensors on their stand 5160: CV7-V: ultrasonic anemometer/wind vane, RS422/ RS232; ASCII format CV7-V-USB: ultrasonic anemometer/wind vane powered by the USB port; ASCII format. NEW! > SONIC-SDI: ultrasonic anemometer/wind vane; SDI12 protocol CV7-V is a proven wind..

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Smart buildings: how to run energy saving programs with processes including the wind data.

June 14, 2014 | posted in: Meteo_Using, News, Non classé | by

Produal Oy is a Finnish specialist of building automation measurement technology. The measurement and control devices designed and manufactured by Produal are modern, installation friendly and of good quality. Technical innovations of our products have become a standard for the measurement devices in Finland and abroad.  

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Gone with the wind, especially the noise!

June 8, 2014 | posted in: Knowledge, Meteo_Using, News, Non classé | by

Noise pollution carried by the wind Noise is a complex mix of sounds which produces an audible feeling considered as disturbing or dangerous. A noise is characterized by it frequency (bass or treble), its acoustic intensity (power) and duration. What makes the difference between a noise and a sound is its perception. It varies in..

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T&E Support uses LCJ Capteurs ultrasonic wind sensors for their events structures

June 1, 2014 | posted in: Meteo_Using, News, Scope | by

Monitoring the wind can be essential for some outdoor events involving heavy structures. The CV7SF is a compact, wireless, maintenance-free sensor easy to install in all circumstances.   T&E Support is a full-service Consultancy and Engineering Agency for event and theatre productions. We provide advice and technical solutions and are the experts in the field..

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LCJ Capteurs chosen to transmit data from the wind both sides of the Atlantic.

May 11, 2014 | posted in: Meteo_Using, News | by

Eotone is an installation that occupies the urban space while streaming a brand-new numerical symphony through wired objects. Eotone is an interactive installation created by artists Herman Kolgen (QC) and David Letellier (FR). Wind is a global meteorological phenomenon, one that is changing, intangible, but always felt. A source of both creation and destruction, it..

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In Iceland Super-Jeeping is very popular and their users fit them with a lot of electronic equipment.

April 14, 2014 | posted in: Meteo_Using, Non classé | by

In Iceland „SuperJeeps“ as they call them, are used to travel around the country in Wintertime as well as during the Summer, but Icelanders really enjoy using them in the winter time. They often ease the air pressure of the big tyres for better adherence on the snow. They travel onto glaciers and the open..

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