Gone with the wind, especially the noise!

June 8, 2014 | posted in: Knowledge, Meteo_Using, News, Non classé | by

Noise pollution carried by the wind Noise is a complex mix of sounds which produces an audible feeling considered as disturbing or dangerous. A noise is characterized by it frequency (bass or treble), its acoustic intensity (power) and duration. What makes the difference between a noise and a sound is its perception. It varies in..

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Etude sur l’écoulement du vent autour d’une superstructure

August 14, 2012 | posted in: Knowledge | by

Comment et où mesurer le vent sur un bateau avec une girouette-anémomètre? Voici un étude pour les navires de commerce: Ecoulement du vent Cette étude peut se transposer facilement à un immeuble. Source: The Accuracy Of Marine Surface Winds From Ships And Buoys Peter K. Taylor*, Elizabeth C. Kent, Margaret J. Yelland, and Ben I…

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